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What the heck is “Post?”

Tom Donnelly Philadelphia Video Animation ProductionAdmit it – if you’re not in the industry, you’re probably wondering what “Post” is.

When we began servicing a handful of early clients in the early 2000’s, we focused on our namesake: post production. We edited and animated furiously for production companies and producers in the Greater Philadelphia region, churning out video and animation content for broadcast and the web. While successful at that, and having filled in a niche where there was previously (to our eyes!) a dearth of high-end motion graphics and animation houses, specifically in the Bucks County region, it became apparent by the end of that decade that we’d be moving in other directions, too.

By the late’s 2000’s we were fairly firmly entrenched as providers of medium-to-high end animation and post production services, but as my run on the hit TLC show “Trading Spaces” came to a close we were asked to delve into the world of production for a prominent Bucks County-area non-profit: conceiving an idea, writing a script, shooting it, and then, of course, posting it. We looked to colleagues and the team of folks that I had created countless hours of broadcast TV for from 2002 to 2007 for support, and when the dust settled, “post” was simply one piece of our production puzzle.

The result was a hit for the non-profit, featuring prominently in their 20th Anniversary celebration, and the launching point for the video and production side of TD Post & Animation.

We never looked back. While we still fulfill that animation and motion graphics niche for Philadelphia and NYC production houses that look outside their own walls for design talent, we also service a growing number of local and regional marketing companies, PR firms, independent producers and individual businesses with their VIDEO marketing needs – from soup to nuts, conception to completion, top to bottom…and any other “beginning to end” cliché that one can think of.

It makes the company name a bit confusing to lay-folk, those not in with production company lingo (“’Post?’ Huh?”), but our clunky name has been a great conversation starter and a way to engage potential customers and the curious in a critical piece of our workflow that many simply don’t know or think about. TD VIDEO & Animation just doesn’t have the same ring to us…

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