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What We Do and Who We Do It For

"Digital media artistry" is a fancy way of saying that we create content. Our videos, editorial work, motion graphics and animations are produced for the web and for television; for small, medium and large businesses and organizations just like yours and for networks like "National Geographic," "TLC" and "The Golf Channel."

Our videos are used as sales and marketing tools and for television advertising; for trade show booths and for web sites; to promote and to educate.

Our animations and motion graphic designs have provided the aesthetic structure for TV shows that you (and your kids!) likely watch, and our editorial work has been featured on popular cable and internationally syndicated programming. Our "explainer animations" for businesses are made with the same loving care and attention to sub-pixel detail that our broadcast work is created with.

Looking for name dropping? Suffice to say that we have plenty of names to drop, and would be happy to in the proper context - like when we meet for coffee.